Saturday, December 12, 2009

You always have a choice

It is minus ten Celsium outside. No snow. Only wind. In front of me lay numerous folders of college stuff. Deadline is coming. It all drags me down and brings some depression into my clothes style. Grey. Grey. Grey. I'm starting to like it. Grey ONLY coat and hat. But brown Zara bag and Marmalato Uggs. I feel bulky but comfy. The only bright spot in my life are azure mittens by Lindex. I look at them and smile. Anyway, once it will end. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Penniless and happy

I bought these boots and pumps today for less than 50$ on Forever 21 webstore. Such a small amount of money for two pairs is an incredible purchase for me. In Russia to find a pair at least for 50 bucks is a total headache, which usually ends with disappointment. I'm really happy I've opened Forever 21 for myself. I hope its quality will be the same good as its appearance. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Model for Imitation

They are popular. They are thin. They are pretty. They are fashionable. There is no such a great inspiration source for me as catwalk models. I only need to lose a dozen of kilos and I can wear exactly what they do. So far, I'm only going to learn from them and be jealous with an admiring envy. 

By the way, notice, that models prefer this scandinavian style. They usually wear pale colours, black and grey. at this point, I agree with them. Looking like a clown never bring you extra points. But if you look gorgeous and refined, you are guaranteed to be admired. 

Monday, December 7, 2009

Practical issue

I'm desperately sorry for being quiet for the recent time. It's all college applying process. It's driving me down as well as my fashion grip. Yesterday I was in Moscow and instead of buying something ultra fashionable, I bought a simple black man jacket by ONLY. I'm waiting for the interview with the colleges the next month, so I think it is the thing I need the most now. Anyway, I think black jacket won't ever be out of fashion as well as businessmen won't ever be extinct. You can wear it however you like and always be a center of attention. So if you don't have it, rush to the store and buy it as fast as possible.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

this month, day 28

I've just realized I adore a combination of black and blue! It's great for autumn. But I would have frozen if not a blue Columbia sweater underneath, pulled over the white shirt. Plus Uggs i've just bought in Moscow and my favourite scarf. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When it is cold outside, and you've got nobody to love

Fall can supress your mood lower than you think. Grey colors, black leather and a gloomy glance, that is all left for me. I'm starting a new life in a new image. Some punk, dirty little goddess. We'll see what will come out of it.

And now, as for the look, nothing special except for the Lord & Taylor cashmere scarf. It is the only thing that still keeps me warm. And of course, the waterfroof Lacoste boots. Nowhere in Russia without them. 

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's autumn outside the window, but inside my soul it's spring

What to do in the frozy morning? Tear your college scripts aprt and throw them into the trashcan! Certainly, I'm kidding. But still, what really to do? It was 4 C above zero. The best choice in this situation is to pull on your forgotten sweater and go take photos with friends. Half a year ago I was thinking about giving this sweater to charity but now I understood I would use it myself. Crisis, you know)

Still this sweater is from Benetton children's department! I wore it years ago and it is still so useful. Moreover, the skarf was knitted by my mother. I surely continue to survive in the state of crisis by exploring my waredrobe and finding things of years' of standing. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mystery is never inappropriate

Effy Stonem is a real source of inspiration for me. Her mysterious looks are so beautiful. You know, it's always magnetizing when a girl is a secret for others. Like Ef. I think, we have a lot to learn from her. Let's start with looks first.

Effy is known for amazingly short dark dresses and lots lots of accessories. Use as much bracelets as possible. Better if they'll be big. And wear lots of long chains and beads. With short dresses better wear no tights or leggings. Choose high soldier boots instead.

Anyway, if you are not ready for changing your style so sharply, at least learn to wear accessories as Effy does. And try to think of using dark colours in the outfit. 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Parents' wardrobes

No money for cloths? But strongly need some new? Take a look inside the parents' wardrobe! You'll be surprised how many you'll find there. This girl on the photos is dressed into her dad's shirt. Why not to take dad's jeans or a tie as well.

My friend once took her dad's old Diesel jeans and cut them into cute shorts. I took my mom's ancient jacket, which she wore in the 90s. You can take the clothes, which your parents don't wear anymore, and make new things out of them. Or simply start wearing it, because each season the fashion returns to the things from the past. As leggings from 60s and big shoulder jackets from 90s. Just don't be scared to make experiments!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

DIY Shredded tights

Along with the return of all things 80s has come a resurgence in "deconstruction" rips, tears, shreds, and garments seemingly torn asunder. L.A.-based designer Raquel Allegra recently showed tattered L.A. County Jail shirts fashioned - unbelievably - into fabulously floaty tops and dresses (above), while Erin Wasson looked unbelievably tacky trendy in a pair of well-ventilated TopShop jeans. Fashion bloggers like Rumi at FashionToast, Outsapop, and Camille of Childhood Flames (who works some serious shredding magic with a seam ripper and a Hanes tee) have all blogged about the grooviness of a shredded top. And shredded tights look tres au courant with a dark mini, sweaterdress, or anything frilly (just not plaid...too 1992).

Instead of shelling out for pre-ripped tights, here's how to actually do it yourself:

1. PICK THE RIGHT PAIR The last thing you want is a granny'ish thigh shaper peeking out from beneath your mini skirt, so choose semi-sheer or sheer black stockings. And because the higher-denier weaves of opaque tights and more expensive versions don't shred vertically as well, cheaper is best for this project.

2. START TO SLASH Put on the tights and use tiny scissors or a seam ripper to make horizontal slashes around thigh- or knee-level. To create the best looking "ladders", snip only the vertical anchors (between the horizontal threads).

3. ARTFULLY SHRED Use your fingers to create runs in the stockings by pulling vertically up and down. Keep pulling at the horizontal threads until you have the look you want. NOTE: Don't pull too many horizontal threads or you'll end up with an unattractive "fluffy" sort of look. Also, to keep your hard work from (literally) falling apart, stop pulling before you hit the areas prone to stress and ripping - ie. before you hit the panty/crotch area at the top; similarly, do not pull all the way down to the ankles/bottom of the feet.  

4. FIX & FINISH To prevent any further ripping and destruction, dab on quick-dry clear nailpolish, pulling the tights away from your skin as you apply, and waiting til it's dry before letting go. Although the nailpolish will look a bit "crusty" when you take the tights off, when you put them on again, the polish will be invisible.

5. HAND WASH Deliberate shredding makes clothing delicate, so hand-washing is a must.  

With the right tools, some careful attention, and enough time, anyone can produce fabulous results that look right off the runways. Happy DIY-ing!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

They'll be there for you when the rain starts to fall

I suppose that there is no inspiration better than your own friens. Maybe celebrities are the good ones, but you see friends every day, know them yourself. I do not stop admiring the creativity of people surrounding me. Thank you all who encourages me on new creations!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Indie look is off the hook

Listening days and nights to Franz Ferdinand I really got obsessed with indie lifestyle. Moreover i'm falling in love with low indie people look like. They are really fashionable with all of those keds and skinny jeans. So here are some tips, if you are interested in indie fashion:

The Basics: By now you've probably heard that vintage t-shirts and tight jeans are the basis of most Indie wardrobes. But that's not always the case. It's not as much about what you have, but how you wear it. Sweater-vests are ideal for converting a plain outfit into a work of art. Remember to avoid Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle, because those brands turn you into walking (preppy) billboards. 
Don't just get Ironic T-shirts. Invest in raglans, basic t-shirts in solid colors, striped shirts, V-necks and ringer tees. You can layer loads of different kinds of shirts to your own taste. 
Babydoll tank tops are adorable and look great with an indie outfit! If spaghetti straps aren't permitted at your school, try wearing a solid T-shirt underneath. It still looks great!
Flannel is in. Plaids in all colors are great to layer, or just wear alone. For both genders, layering a flannel plaid shirt (unbuttoned) with your favorite shirt looks awesome and is great for spring or fall!
During the winter months, jackets and coats are very important. There are many options to choose from that look very indie. 
For girls in cold weather, peacoats in any color are great, whether they're double-breasted or not. Don't go for long ones, though--a little bit below your hip is a good length. When it's just chilly, cardigans are your best friend! Striped, patterned and solids are all great and look fabulous with any T-shirts or tanks. But be careful about pairing patterns--sometimes it can look a little crazy!
For guys in cold weather, vintage leather or Members Only jackets are a great option. If you'd like, you can even deck them out with cool pins! In chilly weather, vests or sweater vests look awesome with anything. You can also try a track jacket; they come in lots of colors and are great year-round.
And don't forget the jeans! Black, dark denim, and grey/acid wash are great for both sexes, as are cords every once in a while. For girls, colored denim is fine to wear occasionally, but make sure they match whatever shirts you're wearing (to be safe, try greys and blacks).
You can't go barefoot! There are lots of cool shoe styles to choose from, from Converse, Vans, Nike, etc. If you want a more personal touch, get some awesome laces or doodle anything from designs to lyrics on them. 
Converse are a great choice because they come in oodles of colors (though which colors you choose don't matter!) and look good with just about anything. Whether you buy high-tops or oxfords are up to you!
Vans Authentics are really classy and cool. They even come in a wide variety of colors, as do Converse. Mono black (canvas and rubber both black), any shade of green, navy, or off white are great choices, but those aren't your only options. Girls can even go for the Lo Pro style, if they choose. If you like the convienence of the slip-on style, you can get them in any color of checkered, plaid or solid.
Moccasins are very important to a indie wardrobe. They add the unique and antique look to an everyday outfit. Moccasins look great on any sex, they can vary in design, color, and they go great with just about anything. Some great moccasin online sites are minnisota moccasin, the moccasin shop, or moccasin house. If all else fails, just try the local antique store - they're sure to have some.
Nike Dunks have become really popular recently because of the nostalgia it can bring, and the limited edition styles they come in. Plus, they look really good on just about everyone. Some may want to avoid these, because Nike Dunks could be looked at as mainstream. Nike SB dunks or Nike iD Dunks are more individual, if you have the money for them. Just be sure to keep them clean!
Girls can also go for some cute flats in whatever color, pattern or style they choose. Funky platforms and gladiator sandals are also really great choices if you're tired of boppin' around in sneakers.
Accessorize. Just because you have the flannel and the kicks doesn't mean you're done. There's a whole wide variety of accessories and jewelry that make your outfit individual. 
Scarves are great year round because you can get them in cotton, linen, silk and wool, and they're a classy touch to add no matter what you're wearing. Bright colors and neutrals both look great, as long as they go well with the outfit.
Headbands/headwraps are unisex and really in, no matter what hair style you have.
Messenger bags are really cool and come in loads of sizes and colors, and they're very convenient to put anything you might have to carry that day into. You can get leather ones and denim ones, whatever you please.
Girls, add some nice jewelry. Hemp bracelets, doorknocker earrings, and long necklaces are really cute and add a feminine touch to any outfit, but whatever interests you is great.
Sunglasses can add a touch of celebrity and mystery. Popular styles include Wayfarers, Shutter Shades and Aviators, but you can Be wary of jewels or other embellishments though.
Headphones are in right now. Get yourself a nice pair of retro or designer head phones, that'll add a touch of mystery for when you're walking about.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dancing is fashionable

Wanna know what is really fashionable? I tell you. Dancing is. Moves are what really makes you beautiful in the eys of others. My favourite TV show "So you think you can dance" inspires me in every way. Is it fashion or anything else. It's 21st of may when the new season starts. Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch it, because there is no such a show in Russia. But yoou are lucky one, if you have it on the screen. So don't loose a chance to learn a real beuty of a move. 

The only left for me is to start my own dancing team (What I'm actually in for now). Maybe you will want to do the same in a time...who knows;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My last sense of Sweden

Hello, guys! It is my last night in Sweden and I just cannot sleep. Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Moscow and at 5 pm I'll already be there. Today's day was crazy: I was doing my last shopping spree in Malmo. I had to visit every store again and again to be sure I haven't missed anything. At last my wish was to look for some T'shirts in Topshop, but it was too late and the store was already closed. So I only got my arms cold and experienced a crazy ride on a bike through the dark Lund streets.

To add today I was doing some photoshoots in Malmo for my Voronezh newspaper and got a pretty nice picture of a very stylish look. I wish I was from sweden to be the same self conscious about being dressed in whatever I want.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Paris fails

I used to talk about Paris Hilton as a fashion star, vogue giver and just a well dressed woman. But after starting scrutinizing her latest snapshots, I totally changed my suggestions.

What happened to poor thing Paris? Maybe she got under her rock star boyfriend's influnce.

The exact point I only know now is that I do not going to continue following her fashion look any longer. Otherwise I risk to become one of those people we are calling "style chawbacons".

Sunday, January 4, 2009

She was born in Sweden, worked in Brazil and is now settled in the Portland area. The prolific illustrator and mixed-media artist Linn Olofsdotter is a global citizen of the most interesting kind. Her own life indifferent locales gives her many sources of inspiration and most likely helps her flex her illustration muscle to meet the needs of a vast variety of clients.

Her work has appeared in Computer Arts and Bon Magazine; she’s created T-shirt graphics for Levi’s, wall murals for a hotel in Los Angeles, CD covers for artists and illustrations for Oilily and La Perla. Nearly all of her work has a collage-like feel, with many layers, nuances and media. The some what surreal and psychedelic look of some of her pieces attests to her ability and willingness to trot not just the globe but regions beyond.