Friday, October 2, 2009

It's autumn outside the window, but inside my soul it's spring

What to do in the frozy morning? Tear your college scripts aprt and throw them into the trashcan! Certainly, I'm kidding. But still, what really to do? It was 4 C above zero. The best choice in this situation is to pull on your forgotten sweater and go take photos with friends. Half a year ago I was thinking about giving this sweater to charity but now I understood I would use it myself. Crisis, you know)

Still this sweater is from Benetton children's department! I wore it years ago and it is still so useful. Moreover, the skarf was knitted by my mother. I surely continue to survive in the state of crisis by exploring my waredrobe and finding things of years' of standing. 


  1. So cute!! You look so cozy and warm... I want it to be cold here now so I can look as cute as you. Great outfit!!


  2. i absolutely LOVE Those pants (leggings?) the animal print is so subtle but they really make a statement!