Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mamma Mia! or a chance to win Swedish clothes

My fashion inspiration Caroline B. arranged a competition for eager fashionistas on her blog http://caroline.feber.se The task is to choose one of 14 looks you like most and place it on your blog/facebook/webpage. Also you need to mention why you and only you deserve winning the cloths on the picture. If your arguments are worthy, then you will get the most desirable things of the spring.

While reading this amazing news, I thought why shouldn't I take a chance. I wrote down some reasons why I do deserve to get the look. And you, my readers, judge if the arguments are good.

1.Catwalkblog.ru In a week I'm starting a new professional fashion blog, which will not only be unique for my home city Voronezh, but for Russia in whole. It will be a mix of street fashion, useful advices considering fashion and young and cheap fashion brands. The design of the page will also be new and catchy. It will show my personality. In summary, the blog is going to be great. I swear. I believe the cloths from Sweden are a good start for the young project. I even have plans to mix them with some Russian clothes and make a photo session. But “Chhh”. Don't tell anyone. It is our little secret.
Some great news for international readers. The blog will be bilingual. So you won't have to rush and study Russian. You can do it without living the Catwalkblog page.

2.Nostalgia I have been to Sweden for two times and fell in love with this country. I like everything from it: furniture, Ikea, Malmo festival, Millencolin and roller skaters. But mostly I am obsessed with Swedish fashion. Moderate color palette, skinny clothes and H&M. Gosh, I want to go back and stay there forever! Unfortunately, I have to do some business here in Russia, so my dream is delayed to be fulfilled. But when I saw this contest, leather Lindex skirt and H&M hoodie, I thought this is how I can make my dream half true. Russians are famous for their extravagance in cloths, usage of bright numerous colors. I am trying to introduce new – Scandinavian – view of fashion to our country. With this Swedish clothes I can continue my mission. And be happy to get a piece of Sweden. 

3.DIY I do hand-made. From mittens to trousers. I believe the new stylish things will be a great addition to things made-by-YuliyaB. Don't you think so?
I promise to show you how to combine them in the nearest future posts.

4.Future In life I see myself as a fashion journalist. First simple reporter, then the editor of a fashion magazine. You say, these are only dreams? But someone said, every big project starts with a dream. I was already inspired by ModeFeber to start my own blog. And this undertaking was completed successfully. Maybe the winning of this contest will be a sign I am moving in a right direction? I believe in signs. 

5.18 On Febuary 23 I'll be eighteen. This date changes life. Now I can drive a car, vote, start my own business. Caroline, please, give me a present. I promise I won't ever fail you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Journalism department party outfit

Эту кружевную кофту я купила в Topshop всего за 1 000 рублей. Отличная сделка!

I bought this lace top at Topshop for only 1 000 rubles ($30). Great deal!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moskva trip

Отличная поездка выдалась в Москву. Но не успела я вернуться в Воронеж, как уже затосковала по столице. Из Москвы уезжать не хотелось: только там тепло стало. Но пока любуйтесь, как я ходила по улицам столицы пока было -20 С. Тут, конечно не до моды было, но я старалась. Единственное, пришлось пожертвовать головой и ходить без шапки. Зато спасали угги, шерстяные гольфы и теплый кашемировый шарф Lord&Taylor. Отчет о моем беспощадном чесе по магазинам Москвы смотрите позже.

Translation: The trip to Moscow was great. I only arrived to Voronezh, when already started missing the capital of Russia. There was no wish to leave Moscow: it only got warmer. Anyway, watch out what I looked like when walking around the megapolis, when it was -20 C. No thoughts about fashion in such a frost, but at least I tried to look fashionable. Thanks to uggs, warm socks and a Lord&Taylor scarf. The report from my Moscow shopping spree will come soon. Don't miss it!