Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My last sense of Sweden

Hello, guys! It is my last night in Sweden and I just cannot sleep. Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Moscow and at 5 pm I'll already be there. Today's day was crazy: I was doing my last shopping spree in Malmo. I had to visit every store again and again to be sure I haven't missed anything. At last my wish was to look for some T'shirts in Topshop, but it was too late and the store was already closed. So I only got my arms cold and experienced a crazy ride on a bike through the dark Lund streets.

To add today I was doing some photoshoots in Malmo for my Voronezh newspaper and got a pretty nice picture of a very stylish look. I wish I was from sweden to be the same self conscious about being dressed in whatever I want.

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