Saturday, December 12, 2009

You always have a choice

It is minus ten Celsium outside. No snow. Only wind. In front of me lay numerous folders of college stuff. Deadline is coming. It all drags me down and brings some depression into my clothes style. Grey. Grey. Grey. I'm starting to like it. Grey ONLY coat and hat. But brown Zara bag and Marmalato Uggs. I feel bulky but comfy. The only bright spot in my life are azure mittens by Lindex. I look at them and smile. Anyway, once it will end. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Penniless and happy

I bought these boots and pumps today for less than 50$ on Forever 21 webstore. Such a small amount of money for two pairs is an incredible purchase for me. In Russia to find a pair at least for 50 bucks is a total headache, which usually ends with disappointment. I'm really happy I've opened Forever 21 for myself. I hope its quality will be the same good as its appearance. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Model for Imitation

They are popular. They are thin. They are pretty. They are fashionable. There is no such a great inspiration source for me as catwalk models. I only need to lose a dozen of kilos and I can wear exactly what they do. So far, I'm only going to learn from them and be jealous with an admiring envy. 

By the way, notice, that models prefer this scandinavian style. They usually wear pale colours, black and grey. at this point, I agree with them. Looking like a clown never bring you extra points. But if you look gorgeous and refined, you are guaranteed to be admired. 

Monday, December 7, 2009

Practical issue

I'm desperately sorry for being quiet for the recent time. It's all college applying process. It's driving me down as well as my fashion grip. Yesterday I was in Moscow and instead of buying something ultra fashionable, I bought a simple black man jacket by ONLY. I'm waiting for the interview with the colleges the next month, so I think it is the thing I need the most now. Anyway, I think black jacket won't ever be out of fashion as well as businessmen won't ever be extinct. You can wear it however you like and always be a center of attention. So if you don't have it, rush to the store and buy it as fast as possible.