Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jewelry is the girls' best friend

I watched Sex and the City 2 yesterday. What I liked most about the movie were costumes and Abu Dhabi. Both were luxurious. I still remember Samantha wearing that golden dress together with Miley Cirus on the Red Carpet. But what I noticed the most were jewelry, or, to be more precise, its abundance. Big necklaces, bracelets, pendants... Abu Dhabi, the city our favorite team was visiting, presupposes being wearing that quantity of luxuries. 

As my holidays are coming, I thought of a vital necessity of mine to buy some jewelry too. If you are going to the sea or simply want to feel the summer in its whole size, I recommend you to follow my advice and buy luxuries for yourself. All the more they are the season trend. The latest issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar look like a kaleidoscope of the double-page spreads featuring celebrities and models covered with jewelry. The Middle East is in fashion today. If you are wearing the trendy Indian pants add some colorful bracelets and a pendant made of artisan glass, and you are ready to shine on the Azure Shore. 

As for me, it is hard to buy something worthy and at a good price in my city. So the best solution in my situation is to buy jewelry online. You don't have to know your size precisely, therefore you won't be nervous if it suits you or not. What I have found is an Abazias online jewelery store. Actually they sell diamonds and engagement rings, so if you need some I totally recommend it to you. But for myself I have found beautiful rings, bracelets and earrings at a comparable price. I like huge rings with beautiful stones, and at Abazias there are some with amethysts and topazes. Also, pay attention to the white gold jeweleries, as they are the trendiest this summer. If you don't like gold, think of wearing glass accessories, as they are not less fashionable. June Vogue noted the latest Tro collection for its murano glass rings, and if you eager to have an analogy of them at a better price, there is a murano glass and platinum ring at the Abazias store. 

Artisan glass pendants became my total love. I have seen similar jewelery when I was in Rome and since then I cannot forgive myself for not buying it. Thanks Abazias I can finally order an artisan glass necklace (my favorite one has a shape of a butterfly) for only $15. There are similar pendants with shapes of a leaf, starfish and spiral. 


  1. privet:)))

    Hotela tebya pozdravit: ti poyavilas v ispanskom ELLE:))
    ya sama ghivu v Barcelone i nashih redko vstretit v fashion-seti.

    Vot ssilochka:http://www.elle.es/moda/tendencias/la-vuelta-al-mundo-en-60-blogs/(offset)/18/(img)/184601


  2. Спасибо, Лена! Никогда бы не подумала, что окажусь в испанском ELLE. Это отличные новости! Теперь точно буду растить и развивать свой блог.